Custom Signs

The SGCA team believes your brand image is much deeper than the sign it’s presented on. We can create a sign that resembles your brands identity, symbolizing your companies promise to your customers. Your company’s brand image is unique, tells a story and has a history. We want the opportunity to express your identity to the public by creating cutting-edge signage throughout your whole retail space, inside and out.

Signage establishes brand recognition and helps consumers identify a business or institution. It is what draws the consumer in. With SGCA's sign fabrication expertise, we can custom make signs in almost any size and number of colours. Depending on the application, we have the ability to use vinyl, paper, plastic, canvas, coroplast, foamcore, plywood, glass, plexiglass, aluminum, and more.


Our previous experience in creating billboards, lawn signs, election signs, for sale signs, garage sale signs, traffic signs, real estate signs, architectural signs, business signs, commercial signs, building signs and just about any other type of signage has given us a competitive edge that is unprecedented within our industry’s competitors.


Many of the signs we produce are printed on our high-resolution large format digital printer, we have other resources we use at our disposal such as use cut vinyl for solid colours. Cut vinyl signs are great for long-term use, where there are only a few colours required or logos without a lot of fine detail.

Any Sign-Any Size, from concept to completion,   SGCA is limitless.