Search Engine Optimization/ Per-Click Advertising

Successful internet Marketing is directly correlated to a how well a company can project themselves to the public, raise awareness and attractiveness, this is accomplished through specific tools such as Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click advertising. We always find ways to bring consumers back to your original website to create traffic. We understand the importance of online and digital marketing, so we dedicate the time and effort into monitoring usage and activity to seek optimal results.





Generate Traffic

Each website project we develop is unique to our client's business. We provide search engine keyphrase research with simple keywords/adWords to lead people to your page from high traffic search engines. This helps us gather Google analytics, watch trends and find how often people are visiting your site. The data that we accumulate will help us with future marketing to maximize your return on investment.


Think Optimization 





Social Media

Social Media has literally taken over the Internet culture; we stay current and connected to benefit our clients to create a viral, positive exposure that will leave a lasting impression on the consumer.


The more conversation about your company and the industry you are active in, the better. Social networking allows us to create a buzz, an exciting marketing tool to help your brand reach new heights. 


"Pete is a social media guru"

Doug Cruickshank

~ Director of Media Personnel Goderich Flyers







Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a vital marketing tool. We develop a marketing list and configure email addresses for your company to establish a channel of communication for your segmented and target audience. Email marketing is quick, cost efficient, and an instant return on investment. With email marketing you obtain a following of interested personnel and a conversation piece by use of infographics and content.


Think…. Creating, sharing, tracking, and reaching, on a global scale