What We Do

The SGCA team loves dip their hands in everything and anything..

We offer a wide variety of services to cater to any business, big or small. We can help a new company find their brand identity, build a website, continue website maintenance on a monthly basis through our web hosting feature, help a company market their product through extensive research and analytics, advertise their products or services with our extensive, high-tech print shop and graphic art work and watch a company grow from good to great.

We do it all.     We Think BIG.



SGCA is a full-service graphic design and advertising agency that creates endless opportunities for eager companies. Not only are we capable of designing original logos for businesses, but they can also produce those logos in different media formats for an all-encompassing “IMAGE PACKAGE”.


We aim to establish or refresh a company’s brand image and identity to have more of a presence within their industry. Beginning with an extensive marketing plan, we cater to the company and develop hard-hitting advertisements and branding to leave a lasting impression on the directed audience. We have the resources and collateral to give your company the attention it needs to see rapid improvements.

A business with one of SGCA’s Image and branding concepts can see their fresh, exclusive logo on everything from the 3"x5” business cards they hand out, to the 10 foot sign announcing their business to the street.  Their customers will see that uniquely identifying design whether they’re clicking on the company's custom website in their own home, or driving past the company’s new integrated marketing campaign advertised on a large billboard.  In fact, the car ahead of them might even display the distinctive logo of a SGCA customer, thanks to our vehicle wrap service.

SGCA’s handcrafted designs, modern technology and top-of the line resources give companies no reason to go anywhere else. We look to make a splash with our clients. We inspire creative thoughts, and combine passion and imagination to produce the best products and material.

SGCA specializes in digital printing and advertising, working with a local network of production professionals to provide the exhaustive services in each image package

As a company we expect nothing less then perfection by means of design, innovation and creativity. We devote as much energy as we can to ensure your company can reach its goals and become highly successful. The relationships we’ve built with clients are life-long as a result of our dedication, trust and work ethic. We live passionately, embrace challenges and turn dreams into realities.