Signage identifies a business or institution, and assists in attracting customers. With Sign Guys Canada's sign fabrication expertise, we can custom make signs in almost any size and number of colours. Depending on the application, we can use vinyl, paper, plastic, canvas, coroplast, foamcore, plywood, glass, plexiglass, aluminum, etc.


We can also make billboards, lawn signs, election signs, for sale signs, garage sale signs, traffic signs, real estate signs, architectural signs, business signs,  commercial signs, building signs and just about any other type of signage.


Many of the signs we produce are printed on our high resolution large format digital printer, but we also use cut vinyl for solid colours. Cut vinyl signs are great for long term use where there are only a few colours required or logos without a lot of fine detail.  At Sign Guys Canada the sky's the limit for coloured designs and signs.




Commercial Signs

Commercial Signage includes advertising graphics on vehicles, windows, point of sales displays, banners, billboards and just about any flat surface you can think of. Whether it is permanent or temporary, Sign Guys Canada’s signs have a directional purpose and will ensure effective advertising.
Sign Guys Canada can design, manufacture and install a tremendous variety of signs and graphics. In our modern, well-equipped production facility, we fabricate most of the work in-house.
We manufacture computer-cut and digital vinyl graphics for application to almost any smooth surface. With our CNC equipment, we can produce 3-dimensional pieces from plastic, metal and wood substrates. Our router can custom cut components for unique, impressive and effective presentation of your company's image. For large quantities of signs or difficult substrates, we can use the Screen Printing Process.
Sign Guys Canada prides itself on delivering quality commercial signage, efficiently and within your budget. We offer lighted outdoor and interior signs in both stock designs and custom designs. Our LED signs are a fast and easy way to advertise. Why go out in the cold and wrestle with a Zip track sign when you can instantly change your message white sitting at the comfort of your desk!
Think Digital.





Sign Guys Canada is your local source for large, over-sized, full-coloured banners for your special event, store or window display, presentation, trade show, or for company recognition.  Printing on our Roland wide-format, full colour digital printer, we are capable of printing vibrant realistic images, up to 52" wide with virtually unlimited length. We have the talented team of graphic designers to make sure your advertising is unparallel to your competitors.




Sandblasted & Carved Signs

Sign Guys Canada specializes in dimensional signs, both carved and sandblasted. We strive to make all of our signs a one of a kind original that will enhance your company's image in a positive way.


Custom Sandblasted Signs are a beautiful way to enhance the entrance to your business, home or cottage. Sign Guys Canada can design customized commercial or residential sand blasted signs, for indoor or outdoor use.

A sign represents your image. Image is everything in business, your community, and yourself! Although sandblasted signs are more expensive than 'quick sign' vinyl sticker sign solutions, we suggest you consider the following:

Our Sandblasted Signs are fabricated from inert materials that do not deteriorate (High Density Urethane)

When produced using our fabrication and finishing methods it provides the sign decades of use.
Sandblasted signs offer unparalleled style and charm, with extreme versatility. Working exclusively with high-quality materials, all of our sandblasted signs are designed to weather the elements and stand the test of time with superior beauty and elegance. Using natural relief carving, we thoroughly craft each and every inch of our sandblasted signs to give you the look you want.




Auto Ink

Withink the Sign Guys Canada Design group and advertising agency, Auto Ink is a supplier of vrilliant vinyl automotive windshield stickers. Another enhancement companies have successfully used to draw attention and shout out promotion opportunities and special features unique to your lot.



Vehicle Wraps
Sign Guys Canada specializes in inspired images that help grow your business. From traditional vinyl lettering to high definition full colour vehicle wraps, we will take your company to the next level of exposure.

Vehicle Wraps are the next-level advertisement opportunity we can offer your company.


Think wrapping up and sealing the deal

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