A Team of Technology Dweebs, Like-Minded Storytellers and Creative Junkies


Meet the Do-ers...



Pete Do


Pete has been a fanatical entrepreneur for over 15 years. His keen eye for creative design and his ability to think outside the box has allowed him to discover a unique business niche that has been a driving force behind Sign Guys Canada's success for almost 10 years. Pete is a proud supporter of the High School Co-op Education Program at C.H.S.S & St. Anne's C.S.S and has been actively involved since 2008 to Present "Plant a Seed, Start a Future". His inspiration, imaginative spirit, and dedication, is contagious and evident in the work that he has done. A proud family man, Beautiful wife Justina and daughter Thao. Christian, supercar enthusiast, Hockey Brother, and a web-obsessed individual, is always discovering the big idea.


Jim Jordan


Jim is our Web Developer that meets specific customer needs through active communication, on-line marketing campaigns, branding and reliability.  Years of experience have brought him a great reputation, currently managing and maintaining 100+ websites for companies across Canada.

Jim graduated from Fanshawe College with a diploma in Advanced Multimedia Design and Production and also obtained a Graphic Design certificate from Conestoga College.  Jim is an active member of many non-profit organizations including volunteer work with the Vancouver Emergency Social Services and Firefighter’s Charitable Society.  Jim’s a west-coast outdoor adventurer, sports lover and team player.